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Content Management Systems have facilitated non-technical individuals taking control of their own web sites. A CMS system is essentially a database-driven web site that uses "dynamic" web pages that pull content directly from a database, however, enough of the techno-speak! A CMS package will help the following companies make quick and easy changes to their web-sites:
  • Restaurants - Update your own menus
  • Estate Agents - Maintain up to the minute property listings
  • Theatres/Venues - Have the latest show/event information always available
  • Shops - Have your website list special offers

These are just a few companies which can benefit from an easy and quick system to update their web development. We have worked with a wide range of Irish Business owners, from Cork to Dublin, and helped them to manage their own web site content.

At Darklite-SCE we can tailor a Content Management System to meet your requirements. Due to the fact that many of our clients want to be able to manage content themselves, we have developed in-house CMS systems to facilitate this requirement and can advise which system best suits individual projects. We also provide training to ensure the client is competent in managing their own project.

Static CMS:

A static content management system will allow you to easily and quickly make updates to existing pages within your site. You can make these changes directly in your browser via our easy to use system.

This CMS is modelled on the Microsoft office range, so it will be a familiar interface for most users.

The system will allow you to upload and position images, create links, write content, spell check, and all the normal functions of a word processor, only this one edits your website.

When you press save, your changes are instantly made.

Simple CMS solutions for the Irish web development market
Dynamic CMS:

A dynamic content management system allows you the flexibility to add new pages and sections directly to your site.

Do you have new range of products? No problem, just press 'add page', the system will automatically add a new page with the same style as the rest of your site.

The dynamic CMS will also add it to your navigation and let you sort the order of pages.

Users have the ability to control the search engine keywords directly within this system also.

Advanced CMS systems for the Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and all of Ireland Web Design Market

Regular updating of site content is vital in attracting visitors to your site for recurring business. CMS systems therefore are becoming an invaluable tool for clients who want to maintain a professional and powerful online business.

To find out more about Irish CMS systems please click here to contact Darklite-SCE.

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