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How to Outsource: The Process

Outsourcing when managed correctly is a very effective method of increasing your product range, expanding technical competencies, growing your client worth, and helping your best customers get more from the internet.

Outsourcing works best within the following guidelines:
  • Clearly define a written project brief with the end user.
  • Provide the full brief to Darklite for quotation.
  • Agree on price, functionality, and time scale with Darklite and the end user.
  • Agree key milestones and payments schedule with both Darklite and the end user.
  • Assess and review each milestone and its measure its closeness to the agreed brief/quotation.
  • Provide the end user with access to a testing server to provide final approval on the suitability and match of the final service/product.
  • Launch product or service onto a production environment.

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