Press Release for SSO Site Launch
Press Release for SSO Site Launch

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SSO Site Launch

Darklite-SCE have completed a new site for Strategic Sales Outsourcing Ltd. Strategic Sales Outsourcing Ltd is a specialist sales organisation dedicated to providing professional innovative, cost effective and flexible sales solutions for its clients on a global scale. With over 26 years sales and marketing experience in start-up and established sales operations, SSO Ltd can provide customised tailor sales solution for your product(s) or services(s). We see ourselves as a natural sales extension of our clients. SSO Ltd deliver “World Class” innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by businesses in today’s competitive markets. We possess a thorough understanding of what’s required to attain and maintain a commercial competitive advantage for your products or services. SSO Ltd is founded by 2 experienced executives who have relentless commitment and understanding of what’s needed to deliver revenue targets, on time and cost effectively. We develop bespoke sales solutions which are tailored to our clients products/services, market and corporate strategic sales objectives. View Case Study
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