Press Release for Personal IE Domain Name
Press Release for Personal IE Domain Name

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Personal IE Domain Name

Personal .IE domain names will soon be here.

Starting at 8am Wednesday 31st October on a `first come first served basis` you will be able for the first time ever to register a personal .IE domain name. We expect the demand to be high, so find our how to register please read our guide below:

  1. Submit your request via
  2. Send us a fax copy of one of the required documents in the questions area below.
  3. Applications will be added to the Darklite-SCE queue in the order in which they are received.
  4. We will let you know as soon as your name is accepted or declined (in the case that someone registered it first).
  5. Successful registrations will cost euro39 per year.

Question: Under the Personal Domain Name (PDN) category, what types of .ie domain names can registrants apply for?
Answer: An applicant named ‘Dave Paul Smith’ can register the following alternatives:

  • [first name / surname]
  • [first name / middlename / surname]
  • [first name / hyphen / surname]
  • [first name / hyphen / middlename / hyphen / surname]
  • [first name / middle initial / surname]
  • [first name / hyphen / middle initial / hyphen / surname]
  • [first initial / surname]
  • [first initial / middle initial / surname]
  • [first initial / middle initial / hyphen / surname]
  • [first initial / hyphen / surname]
  • [first initial / hyphen / middle initial / hyphen / surname]
  • [middle name / surname]
  • [middle name / hyphen / surname]
  • [middle initial / surname]
  • [middle initial / hyphen / surname]

Q: What documentation will be required to authenticate a registrant’s claim to the domain name?
Answer: To obtain a Personal Domain Name (PDN), applicants will need to supply any one of the following documents. The name in the document supplied must match exactly the domain name applied for e.g. a document showing Mr. Dave Smith is not acceptable if the domain name required is

  • Irish applicants:-
    • Irish passport
    • Irish driver`s licence
    • Irish revenue / social welfare document showing PPS number
    • Irish birth certificate
    • Irish marriage certificate
    • Irish utility bill (e.g: NTL, Chorus, SKY / ESB, Airtricity / Bord Gais / Eircom / Vodafone, O2, Meteor, 3 - bill pay phones only).
  • Northern Ireland applicants:-
    • UK driver`s licence with Northern Ireland address.
    • HM Revenue and Customs / Northern Ireland Social Security Agency document showing National Insurance number
    • Northern Ireland birth certificate
    • Northern Ireland marriage certificate
    • Northern Ireland utility bill (e.g: NTL, Chorus, SKY, UTV Internet / NIE, Airtricity / British Gas / BT / Vodafone, O2, 3, T-Mobile, Orange, BT - billpay phones only).

Q: Will applicants under the Personal Domain Name (PDN) category be able to register nicknames or add words to their name?
Answer: No. Under the Personal Domain Name (PDN) category applicants will only be able to register the pre-defined variations of their name, and it must match exactly the name which appears on the documentation provided to support their application.

Q: Can an individual register more than one Personal Domain Name (PDN)?
Answer: Individuals are permitted to register any number of personal domain names provided they satisfy the necessary requirements for registration,

Q: What signs, symbols or numbers can be used in a Personal Domain Name (PDN)?
Answer: Only hyphens are permitted in domain names. It is NOT possible to register a domain name with an apostrophe such as daveo’

Q: Is it possible to register a second level domain name, e.g. ?
Answer: No, second level domain names will not be available for registration. Dot-ie domain names are only available at the top-level.

Q: What if there are many applications for the same .ie name?
Answer: The registry will only accept applications from the first applicant. Where the domain already exists, or where an application has already been received the registry systems will not accept applications from the second or later applicants. Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis after the launch date and names cannot be reserved or booked in advance. Applications will be electronically time-stamped for future inspection or verification if required. Applicants will have 30 calendar days, from the date of application to provide the required documentation. After this time the application will lapse, and will be deleted from the system.

Q: Why would individuals be interested in registering a personal domain name?
Answer: Having a dot-ie internet address tells the world that the person is located in Ireland, or has a connection to Ireland. Hence there is an element of individualisation or personalisation in having a local Internet address, rather than an anonymous .com address. Individuals may also be interested in:

  • having a personal Internet address or personal web site
  • having a personalised e-mail address
  • having a personal blog presence on the Internet
  • protecting their name on the Internet
  • preserving their name for children or grandchildren
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