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Darklite-SCE has produced websites for 10 years, starting back in 1998. During this time we have introduced, developed, and redeveloped over 1000 websites. We remember the early days of the Internet in Ireland, and are happy to still be leading the way with the highest quality sites today.

The company was born in a garage (as many IT businesses are!) in Co Longford, Ireland. For the first couple of years while the CEO was finishing his college degree – the business handled only a select group of customers.

In 2000 the business moved from Longford to Thurles and spent the next few years going from strength to strength. By the end of 2001 Darklite-SCE had more than 250 clients across our hosting and design services, and we had produced more than 30 websites.

In 2004 Darklite-SCE moved to its current home in Cork City. In the past year we have completed our 250th website and proudly host more than 1500 Irish Web Sites.

The future looks great with a strong business development plan, additional staff being hired, and expansion plans beyond Ireland (although we will always consider Cork our home).

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